Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Screams From The West Iteration 2

So this week we decided that we wanted a complete game flow. That meant having a start screen, a win state and a lose state. I decided to just take the egg sacs that we currently had in the game and make them destructible for the player.

Another thing I looked into was adding an aimer for the player. The way this works is I put an image in the center of the screen to let the player know where he is aiming. From here I do a raycast from the camera point out 300 units into the world. If it doesn't hit anything then the bullet travels in the direction from the player to that end point. If it gets interrupted by ground or spider it goes in the direction of the player to what ever the ray hit. This allows for the player to aim reasonably in a 3rd person view point.

At the end of the week we were able to implement sound. There is a sound for the player shooting that has a reloading sound in it. Because of this I decided to add a delay on how often you can shoot to better match the sound. There is also sound for when you are out of ammo and  take damage. The spiders make a walking noise as well as an aggressive noise when they detect you. This allows the player to be more aware of when things are going after him/her.

Overall I felt we made good progress this week. The sound added a lot of feeling to the game.